Kundalini What would the sun say to its son about the day?
What’s mine is yours, let me show you how it’s done.
First, you see a vast white radiant space.
Next, you think. What is in here?
3rd, you imagine.

Energy of Life Force

This energy of life force has a goal of bringing you to a complete 
rest in the universal Self, or the Non-self (not a personal self), or what 
has been called the peace that passes understanding. One scripture 
describes Kundalini as a goddess (also called Shakti) who awakens 
and rushes through the body through the crown of the head to merge 
with her lover, the God Shiva, representing pure universal consciousness.
 As this journey happens the self-identifications, beliefs and illusions related 
to the existing personality are undermined and eventually dissolve. You may 
feel you no longer have a place to stand in the world. You are moving toward 
standing in the vastness of the whole.

March Six

Image result for images of the sistine chapel

                  Micheal the Angel
                      March 6,1475
                create a new chapel
                 write a new sonnet
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
March 6, 1806
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height 
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight 
For the ends of being and ideal grace. 
I love thee to the level of every day’s 
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light. 
I love thee freely, as men strive for right; 
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise. 
I love thee with the passion put to use 
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith. 
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose 
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath, 
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose, 
I shall but love thee better after death.

Life is Drama


Life is Drama. Drama is a process of tension
and tension resolution. It is the intention that matters.
Pay attention to intention. Always stay in your own movie               ~~ blindfish butler Image result for images of dramatic tension

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players:
they have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts …”
~~ Shakespeare

  Tension sustains the body  |  Values yet to be fully lived 
 Paradox sustains the mind  |  Potentials to be fully realized 
    Suspension is the bridge  |  evolving us 
  Awareness is the crossing   expanding limits 
           Letting go the bridge  |  of cognitive dissonance 
                      of suspension  |  in abeyance
                       Time is of no consequence
              ~~Prose by Christopher Pringer,


Universal Symbols

Image result for images of ouroboros eight
pictures are symbols
words are symbols
numbers are symbols
people are symbols
ten commandments
simple symbols
one commandment
One God, One Life
with respect to all aspects
of the creative being (IS)
observe God 
in the Word
in the Form
it is the Process of Is
these symbols have been given 
these symbols arranged
in our brain 
they form a map
they are signposts
from other dimensions
pay attention to the symbols
they speak to us
numbers, words
pictures, people
we see universal symbols
of salvation
as if timeless relics
pointing our Way
to go home

Enter a Place

Image result for images of pure white light these things have come to pass
enter a place of pure white light
this place is essence, origin
in this place one finds oneself
and wonders aloud
what is this place and what do I do
do no harm
plant the seed
real eyes realize the truth
we are creator and creation
each and everyone
the vision you have is your vision
that which you place in your mind
will be that which comes to pass
follow your passion, follow your bliss
you are not alone, you are all one
all things are you and you all things
the universe unfolds for you
as you are the you-n-verse
in the beginning was the word
~~blindfish butler

Parable of the Skunk and the Dog

A young dog went to the barn to eat from his bowl at feeding time. When the dog arrived at the barn he discovered a small black and white animal eating from the dish. Being a young dog still unaware of skunk, he rushed to the food bowl and was sprayed terribly. The poor young dog became so sick from smell that he could not eat for days.

Upon feeling better, and driven by great hunger, the young dog ventured again to the barn to eat. Yet again did he come across the small black and white animal eating from his food dish. The young dog began to charge toward the dish when instinctively he froze in place. Terribly frustrated, the young dog began to bark which in turn disturbed the skunk driving it away from the food. Ah ha, said the young dog, now wise to the way of skunk, and patience.

The virtues of life include wisdom and patience. These have been laid down by the elders, the ancients, the sages, and the teachers. The two virtues are interwoven. With great wisdom comes great patience and with great patience comes great wisdom. They come hand in hand.

The key is Awareness or Mindfulness. Awareness of self and of thought. Awareness of all perspective. To develop patience, assess what good has come from one’s impatience in the past. Has it served you well or no. Then be aware of the situations when you become impatient, for they will repeat.

Then Consciously chose how you would wish to respond to these situations prior to their recurrence. Then enter into the situations armed with your new wisdom of how you would like to greet them. Then practice, recognize when you detour from plan (become impatient), analyze your missteps. This recognition and practice will develop a new neural pathway that will in time become more instinctual. And you will be wiser.

Remember the psychological 3’s. Thought, emotion, behavior. Your thought drives your emotion which drives your behavior. Habitual negative thought causes habitual negative emotion and a reactive negative behavior.

~~blindfish butler

Life is a River

Image result for images of buddha“Yes Siddhartha,’ he said. ‘Is this what you mean: that the river is in all places at once, at its source and where it flows into the sea, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the ocean, in the mountains, everywhere at once, so for the river there is only the present moment and not the shadow of the future?’

‘It is,’ Siddhartha said.’And once I learned this I considered my life, and it too was a river, and the boy Siddhartha was separated from the man Siddhartha and the graybeard Siddhartha only by shadows, not by real things. … Nothing was, nothing will be; everything is, everything has being and presence.”